Our Way

began in Northern India, at the Palace of Prince Siddharta, the future Buddha. He instructed his personal physician Dr. Kuma Bhaccha Shivaka to develop pure natural products for the well-being and health of the people – such as the original recipes of the HA-THA-smelling bottle and the HA-THA-herbal balm CLASSIC. Dr. Kuma Bhaccha Shivaga is considered the inventor of the classical Thai massage and various aromatherapy applications. Such he laid the foundation for the modern spa culture of Asia. Based on that our natural cosmetics products are complemented with the Western art of perfumers. European organic certification ads the contemporary quality requirements. Promising values such as fair trade, no testing on animals and sustainable production guarantee for well-being – even on an ethical level.

For your daily holistic wellness.



Michael Köhler             Erika Schmidt
Founder and General Manager